Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy 2005 !

Tis' the New Year
A new beginning...
For all of us,
With the break
Of dawn
A new era
Of discovery,
Of hope,
Of opportunities
Await us all

Tis' the New Year
Let it be filled
Not with sadness,
Not with worry,
Not with war,
And not with unrest.
Let it be filled
With joy,
With grace,
With blessings
And with miracles

Tis' the New Year
Let us all
Be united,
Be one,
Be together...
As we
Our past,
And future
Of our kind.

1 comment:

sobriquet said...

Mr P, nice poem you got there. However, I need to point out that January is nearing its end, so conclusion, pls update!

The Golden One 'SobRiquEt'