Saturday, November 25, 2006

Minimalistic Measures

I was reading through the papers today, and came across this rather tame yet intriguing piece of info. More like a phrase, if you will.

"Less is More?"

The last time I even came close to something like that was during one of my art seminars on Minimalism. It's more about stripping away the sophistication of an object, and its associated siblings until it becomes reduced to nothing more than its bare essentials. The bare necessitiy of something. "The art of barebone". Something like my own computer perhaps?

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Less IS More...

Truly. Or is it? Thinking about it these couple of days, it may seem to be a no-brainer. But to acutally adopt such a practice in real life? Would it even be feasible? Ok, technicalities aside, would it even be enjoyable to live life?

It seems that such practice works well for renovation purposes. When one moves into a new home, does one want to be jarred by supposed "bad karma" and violating some balance of space and home physics? Or woule one rather play it safe and adopt a lifestyle of simplicity? Or atleast make the environment at home simple? A sort of back-to-nature kind of feel perhaps, with no worrying deadlines, no more frustrating complexities and the sort?

I wish...

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Raj said...

Haha, finally u updated! Very insightful info btw. Link me, k?