Sunday, March 20, 2005

One week break....What break?

Almost the whole of my 1 wk break was used up for my choir practices and intensive training for the coming SYF. Now, I only have like today to complete the remaining 80% of my homework which is due when school reopens. This was how my one wk break was spent:

12/3/05 - Had choir practice in the morning, along with the ususal Saturday P.T. Returned home around 2 p.m.Tried starting my homework that day. Managed to complete a little of my Social Studies homework. Did my E.Maths hmwk.

13 to 15/3/05- rest. Finished half of my tamil hmwk.Did a bit of my AEP project.Finished half of my Chemistry hmwk.

16 to 18/3/05- Had choir camp in school. Went through intensive practices for SYF and performances in front of other participating schools (e.g. Commonwealth, Catholic High, TKSS, etc.)

19/3/05 - Slept the whole day upon returning home. Quite tired and stressed out.Managed to finish the other half of my Social Studies hmwk. Continued with my AEP project.

20/3/05- Still have Chemistry paper to do.Need to study Physics for coming test. Need to finish my other half of tamil hmwk. Must finish the AEP project by tmr!!

Well that's about it. Hopefully I can finish everything by evening. ( 'cos I oh so do want to watch the TV preimere of LOTR pt 1 tonight! )

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marcus said...

harlo! how're you man? nice blog.. but its a bit like mine.. nvr really update frequntly but okay.. haha