Friday, April 29, 2005

School Blues

Man, talk about having to cope with school!

I study,
I revise,
I do my homework..
but it's just not right!

This has been the mindset that has already embedded itself into my brain. Atleast my brain's still functioning...

School has been nothing but a load of disappointment for me. Social studies, English, name it. Almost every single thing I got through in school ( be it learning subjects or just messing around with friends), the only output I get is negative.

I wasn't able to get good marks for...
my S.S.(only a measly 9/12, L4),

Disappointed myself in...
E.maths ( 5/12....the humiliation!)

Procrastinated in...
art ( still have another half of my project to finish!!)
literature ( revision....somewhere there...oops...)
tamil (revise revise revise....blah...)

Got lost in...
& Physics (Serious revision needed!!)

Failed to score in...
English ( Must exert control over urge to keep writing...ArGh!)

Things have NOT been going so well. Hopefully, I can take advantage over the coming weekend and Labour Day holiday to recooperate. I seriously need recharging...feeling like some overused battery right about now :(

The writer is currently going on strike to protest for the rights of students. He sincerely hopes to become the founder for Labour Day Association and Preservation of Working Rights of Students (LDAPWRS). Really...

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