Friday, December 31, 2004

Movie-Marathon Alert!

Today was like any movie-goer's dream come true. Today was something like a "movie-marathon". To sum up today in one word-"madness". I had taken the liberty upon muself to watch whatever VCD's or DVD's which I had missed out.

Why today?
Why the sudden the instinctive reaction?
Besides the fact that the New Year is fast approaching in less than a few hours time, I was simply
[and honestly]

I was somewhat
s i c k
of waking up everyday of the holidays
at close to 1.00pm[much to the anguish of my mum!].
Besides, I had already done whatever "school things" to do earlier .
Studying, studying, doing homework and studying some more is pretty unhealthy a diet for a guy like me.[cue sarcastic face]

Hence, I decided to do everything that I hadn't done for fun[and I mean FUN] today. This may seem a little chaotic, when considering that I just finished gaming on my PC for over 4 hours, stuffed myself with gluttenous rice [ chicken rice to be exact] and spend the rest of the day running around the house like some hyperactive weirdo. Hmmm, quite a mouthful eh? But it's true. Spending the whole day [and only the whole of today] to relax for a bit. I just couldn't get myself into the mood for some quite revision. Anyway, I'm hoping to stay up late to catch the 55 hour movie marathon [ yess, a real movie marathon] on Channel 5.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot about my New Year Resolutions!! And I only have about 1 and a 1/2 hours left to do it before the clock hits 12.[ cue loud screaming and a shocked face] Posted by Hello

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