Friday, December 31, 2004

The "Flatulence" Strikes Back!

At exactly 1.15p.m. today, I noticed that something was amiss. Besides the fact that my computer had a sudden "seizure" ( it turned on and restarted by itself), something else seemed very wrong. And then, I heard it in the distance. The sound of the motor being switched on and...well that was it because within the next 15 seconds, the whole carpark just outside my flat had become a smoky graveyard. This is just the thing someone needs to see after waking up late and sticking his or her head out of the window to get some fresh air. Just the thing I needed to send me into a state of panic!
My mum is pretty fussy about the way everything in the house should be. Hence, I did not want to give her a very early birthday present by letting in a big stinkbomb into the house. And what a stench! The mere presence of it scared away even the most peaceful of residents in the trees nearby [ by the way, this stinkbomb is actually the pesticide thing that the people will spray to get rid of the mosquito infestations.] I panicked as I quickly raced to close all windows, the front door and make sure there wasn't any available nook or cranny for the smoke to get through. As you well know, such a feat is nearely impossible [ given the human reaction time and the overall structure of any given house] Thus, for the next 5 minutes or so I coped with the stinkbomb in the house. Man I couldn't breathe! But thank heavens for the theory of diffusion, for without it I would be wearing nose-plugs right now.
Phew! I didn't expect the arrival of the "mosquito-man" to be so sudden. I mean it's the holidays. A time for cheer. A time for joy. A time for relaxation. Definitely not a time to run away from the "flatulence" of the "mosquito-man"! Posted by Hello

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