Monday, October 11, 2010

Scribbles and doodles

Clay model for 3D class.
It's not supposed to be too obvious, but it's also not supposed to be too "plain". I'm just stuck with a blob for now.

Wire sculpture done for 3D class.
 I now officially hate soldering. Period.

Still-Life with charcoal.
Model drawing with pencil.
We were supposed to get the human figure out on paper by drawing cubes first before slowly joining everything up. I ended up making the guy look like he has hair all over the place.

Model drawing with charcoal.
By the time I  was done with this, I had already used up about 3 charcoal sticks. And we'll still be doing more stuff with charcoal apparently. If only there was an ArtFriend outlet in campus, getting supplies wouldn't be so time consuming.

Handphone drawing with pencil. 
This actually ended up looking fatter than what the handphone really looks like.

Done in printmaking class.
I didn't know we were going to be working with inks and rollers that day. My white shirt got ruined.

There's always more and more stuff to do. MOAR!
Thank goodness for recess week, which is right around the corner. I need a break. Badly. And I still haven't watched that movie yet.


chris federick said...

great artwork :)

The Stray said...


You've pretty snappy artwork there. :D