Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where's my weekend?

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Every time when you start a brand new week, you'd often wish it just fast forwards to the weekend. And when it does get to the  weekend, it'd be over before you know it and this whole cycle starts over again and again. It's as though we're by instinct, wired to just keep on looking ahead and to the days when you would be able to kick back and not care about what time you have to wake up. what time you have to eat, what time you have to take a shower, what time you have to get back to bed, or whether you have to meet any deadlines. The whole day would be yours to kill. Yours. To. Kill.

But when those precious two days come by, you'd end up trying to find some "me" time the whole time. And when Monday finally comes around, you'd probably have to end up trying to make up something interesting to tell the others about what you've been up to over the weekend.
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Ok, back to work.

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