Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Train is coming!

"Train is coming!"
"Train is coming!!"
"Train is comiinnnngggg!!!"
"Please start queueing!"
"Love your ride!"
(ding dong)

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard this being played over the speakers in the train station. I didn't really know how to react.. Although I did hear one guy loudly exclaiming "WAH! MRT now got play song one ah?!",  much to his colleague's amusement.

That was a about a week ago.

Now, I'm more or less used to it- listening to the Dim Sum Dollies trio singing the jingle every time a train pulls into the station. It's catchy, easy to remember, and straight to the point. Since they already have one which announces when the train is coming, I wonder if they'll also have another jingle which announces when the doors are closing. I've already got a set of lyrics in mind, which should be sung in the same way as the current one for maximum effect :)

"Doors are closing!"
"Doors are closing!!"
"Doors are closiiinnnggg!!!"
"Don't rush in!"
"Catch the next train!"
(ding dong)

Perhaps the MRT stations could use a bit livening up. So far, the only things that come to mind when someone mentions "MRT" have always been the following: crowds, rush hour, ez-link card top up, and of course, the trains. Now, I can add another one to the list : The "Train is coming!" jingle.

Hmm, what'd happen if there's going to be two trains coming into the station simultaneously? Will they play the jingle twice in a row? Once every 4 or 5 mins is alright, since you'd already have boarded the train, but twice in consecutive succession? Luckily, I haven't experienced that. Yet.

If you thought this jingle was all, well there's more actually.
It turns out the jingle's part of a whole 2 minute song as part of the "Love Your Ride" campaign. I kind of enjoyed this more though.

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