Wednesday, September 08, 2010

School so far...

The week hasn't even ended yet, but gosh I feel tired already. Here's a look at my timetable.
5 day week. 

The long hour and a half spent on train plus bus rides to school, implies that I'll have to wake up even earlier to have my breakfast (or atleast eat something decent  before going for classes). The online site where the notes and course documents are to downloaded and printed for lessons, was painfully tedious to navigate the first few times. Now, I just trying to get used to this routine - check the site,  back up stuff I've done and file up my writings so that there isn't a big messy pile to sift through. And speaking of backing up stuff, there's a whole lot of stuff I have yet to install on my netbook. It doesn't have any standard writing software (notepad and wordpad does not count),  no other applications like Gimp or Photoshop, and it's running on an outdated service pack. Oh, and the typed fonts look so small, I have to resort to the ctrl + function every other time. Plus, I need to find the charger cables. I swear I've no idea when they decided to just grow legs and run off.

So far, it's been manageable. If there's one thing I've learnt about train rides, it's this -always board the very first compartment of the train. If only I could actually count  the number of times I had to end up missing the train because there wasn't enough space to board...
Oh, and the bus service to school gets crowded pretty fast. I've ended up getting stuck quite often in some obscure corner of the bus, unable to get down at my stop. I can always get down at the next stop, but I'm running late, then this will not do me any good.

I really wish the train rides were faster though. All that time spent waiting on the train and the bus before I get home ends up making me feel even more exhausted.

Oh great, it's now 1A.M.
And there's going to be a lecture double-feature for tomorrow.

For now,
sleep beckons.

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