Saturday, September 04, 2010

Caution: Roadworks up ahead

I took the Noth-South train line and got off at Potong Pasir MRT yesterday instead of my usual stop, because I just had to avoid the afternoon rush of passengers and the overcrowded trains. Besides, I thought I could make do with a little walking anyway back home. I realised that there was so much of renovation and more construction work going on in that area, stretching all the way back to my neighbourhood.

This was what greeted me after I got to the surface from the underbelly of the rail network.

Note the extent of the massive jam of vehicles.

Work in progress.

The elusive YOG bus.
Ongoing construction work on the overhead flyover. 

A close-up of a pair of workers on the overhead flyover.

Restricted access under the flyover.

The tamil translation directly above the sign bears some minor errors.
Not so sure about the other language translations though


More signboards to redirect pedestrian traffic.
Take note of the smaller signboard advising cyclists to push their bicycles.

This one goes to Toa Payoh.

Congestion under the flyover.

More barriers. More traffic. 

Oh, what's this?

Wonder what this building will be used for once it's completed...


Walking all the way to the other end.

The worst congestion almost always happens along this whole stretch.

One of the flats near Bendemeer Road.

Almost home.

Time to continue climbing up the stairs of the overhead bridge.

View from the top of the bridge, facing  Bendemeer Road.
The flag in the distance looks nice :)

Didn't realise this was still up in the neighbourhood.
Might as well take a shot.

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