Saturday, December 31, 2005


It's been a fruitful year so far, filled with memories evoking varying degrees of emotions. Yes, 2005 has come to an end...or atleast it will be in a few hours, and yes I know others will be working on their new year resolutions and all.In my case, my new year resolution is not to have a new year resolution...I mean, I know for sure I can't live up to it, so why in blazes should I even bother to come up with a list of things that I might or might not be able to do and suffer?? That aside, I just hope that 2006 brings nothing but happiness to everyone, esp after the tsunami incident and other worrying things that have happened this year.

Speaking about worrying, my computer had caused me alot of headaches this year. A total of 3 crashes left me in the lurch, with all my stuff gone completely, thanks to the scum of the internet that are viruses, spyware, adware..etc. I thought I had it when my computer got infected again on the 26th this mth. 3 days of hard work luckily paid off, and i managed to rid my com of the pests, although some of my programs like firefox have ceased functioning ever since. This brongs me to my next point: What new viruses are going to show up in 2006? The mere though of having unwanted ads popping up all over the place and having to contend with backdoor trojans or even worse is just too much...Microsoft might be losing the battle against viruses, but the war ain't over yet, atleast I hope so.

The end of 2005 also reminds me of the end of secondary school life, as my friends and I prepare for the next level of education: tertiary or polytechnics. The whole PAE thing caused quite alot of stress for me, as I had to decide whether to use my prelims and make a choice, or to simply wait till my O level results were out. This means that I will end up burning time up until february ( yea you guessed it,I using my O lvl results). Call me an idiot or a fool or whatever, but it's my choice. Besides, while those who used the pae may or maynot enjoy the first few mths of tertiary education, I can look forward to the world of jobs. Might as well start working than to rot at home, no?

Well, in short, 2005 really has been a roller-coaster ride for me, and i bet it must have been like that too for some of you. Let us hope for better times ahead and welcome the new year with open arms and optimism.

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