Sunday, October 24, 2010

My simcard won $10000!

Or so I thought.

I mean, what are the odds right? You get a sms message on your phone informing  you that you've won (or rather, your simcard) has  won $10000 in some unknown lucky draw, and that you have to call a certain H.M. Zulkifli at the office petronas centre to claim your prize. Like I said, what are the odds of that happening anyway?

The message was full of grammar errors, and it just seemed too good to be true anyway. But the one thing that gave it away was the following line in the message:

"Congratulations your simcard winner GRAND PRIZE."

How in the world can your SIM card, I repeat, your SIMCARD (not you, the owner) can be declared as a winner? That just seems ridiculous, and quite plainly, just reeks of fail.

A simple Google search showed there were many others as well who've ended up receiving similar messages. Some netizens claimed the messages sometimes read differently, but the content was mostly the same. Here's a screenshot from STOMP. The full article, and the full text message can be read here.
Scam Fail.
The phone numbers shown in the photo are different from the ones shown in the message I received. Perhaps there's a whole network of scammers using different sets of phone numbers. As long as they keep up with their bad use of grammar, I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard for people to figure out it's fake...right?? right??
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Alvin said...

Haha, nice one dude! I got a few of those text messages as well!

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