Sunday, January 23, 2005

New Revelation: Vending Machines for converting Loose Change!

I always had the problem with having too many coins in my wallet. For instance, paying the shopkeeper ten 10 cent coins for a sandwich is an example. Not only will the shopkeeper have a headache in counting them ( just to make sure that they don't get less ), my wallet will also become heavy if I contine to carry such loose change with me all the time.

Hence, I managed to find the perfect ( if not plausible ) solution to this. The answer----> vending machines. Yes! These vending machines are not only useful in serving drinks, but they are also useful in converting your loose change. This method has helped to reduce the weight of my wallet greatly, and also has made the shopkeeper quite happy in serving me. I came across this solution accidentally ( honest!). So, do you want to know how it's done?

For example, let's say that you want to change your ten 10 cent coins into a $1 coin. Simply insert all your coins into the vending machine. Then, turn the"Return Coin" lever and viola! You now have converted all your 10 cent coins into just a $1 coin!

After I "discovered" this unique ( yet simple ) solution, I now eagerly convert all my loose change almost everyday. Now I have gained the extra benefit of not only having a lighter wallet, but also the chance to avoid the wrath of the shopkeeper. However, the thought of whether this particular kind of "change conversion" is allowed still keeps bugging me though....

The author is currently still practicing this method of "cash conversion" by using the school's vending machines. However, the possiblity of him not getting back the change ( if the machine is spoilt) still lingers...

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