Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gaming and Training

The Steam Summer Camp sale, which concluded on July 10th, was filled with daily deals and discounts on popular games and indie titles. I decided to snag Garry's Mod, after having watched videos of other people doing some really cool stuff with the physics sandbox. Steam also released a bunch of free to play titles (Spiral Knights, Global Agenda: Free Agent, Champions Online: Free for All), along with making Team
Fortress 2 a free game as well (much to ire of those who actually paid for the game before it went free).

I'm guessing "Free to Play" titles are the in-thing this time of the year, and Steam has just added yet another game to the growing list with War Inc. Battlezone. This is what the "Free to Play" list on Steam looks like:

I've been mainly occupied with TF2  ever since it went free to play. It has a very active community, and also, there's local servers available  (i.e. Starhub) so for the most part, there shouldn't be much lag or ping issues. The replay editor tool in TF2 is also a handy one, which allows you to capture your gameplay in servers, and edit the footage by changing camera angles, showing the viewpoint from an enemy team, and so on. To top it off, there's also a crafting section in the game, where you can use your collected loot in-game to make items and weapons for your characters. And speaking about the characters, they all have their own distinct personalities and taunts, and there's enough variation among the different classes which makes the game much more engaging to play.

Along with trying out free games, I've been shuttling from home to Bedok camp for IPT training every other day. Calisthenic exercises are silent killers. You'll feel the burn during the exercises. But the pain only kicks in the next day, when you find yourself unable to get out of bed because your whole body is sore. I think I've already went through two days of only eating twice, because I'm just too tired to eat. (if that even makes sense at all.) If I've planned the schedule right, I should done with the IPT just before classes start. *fingers crossed*

Yup. Vacation's almost over. 

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