Monday, June 20, 2011

100th post

Yup. I should have already hit this number way, way back. But back then, I wasn't really as active on the blog, considering how some months went by with only 1 or 2 posts. Anyway, it's finally the 100th post. Life carries on as usual.

A whole lot of  construction work is going down in my neighbourhood as of late. The overgrown trees in the  carparks and the areas near the flats are finally getting a trimming. The hawker centre stalls near the supermarket were all closed, possibly for cleaning. Thankfully, the delay between waiting to cross the  road at the  traffic lights has been reduced. I could have sworn waiting for atleast 5 mins for the green man to show up at the traffic light a few weeks ago. There was already a small crowd together with me, and eventually we all just gave up waiting and crossed the road.

Last weekend went by without a hitch. I ended up missing out on attending the Pink Dot 2011 event (there's always next year!), as I decided to go to the animation and film screenings of the graduating batch from ADM. I really enjoyed all the different films, and some stood out as crowd favourites judging from the applause at the auditorium. I managed to snag a few goodies from the screening event, along with snagging a few bites from the buffet table :)

ADM Show 2011 book, containing details of the works done by the graduating batch.

Cards and brochures given out at the screening.

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ken said...

congrats on the milestone.. keep it up :)