Monday, May 09, 2011

VSIFF 2011!

I managed to get a chance to attend the Very Short International Film Festival yesterday at the Alliance Francaise Singapore, courtesy of free tickets from Zomedia. It would have been awesome to have watched all 3 selections of short films, but I had to choose only one selection to go and watch. So,  I decided to just choose the Selection A screening  at 5pm. The only downside was I arrived at that place about 5 mins late, and missed the first four films. But still, with the remaining bulk of films being screened until 6.20pm, it was definitely worth the watch on the big screen.

With a potent mix of international and local shorts, the experience was just unforgettable. I will most definitely go for next year's VSIFF, even if it means I have to actually pay for the tickets :)

Some of the short films that I really enjoyed:
"De grot blo" (The big blue) by Didier de laco

"Never talk to strangers" by Richard B.Pierre

"Slightly Fishy" by James Cunningham

"Los gritones" by Roberto Perez Toledo

"Ridicule" by Audrey Najar, Fred Perrot

"Locked" by Adeline Ong

"Hush Baby" by Tan Wei Keong

"Dogballs" by Hugo Llanas  Lumbierres, Ernesto Felipe Diaz

"Forgotten Merlion"  by Alqudcy Ghazi & Ezzam Rahman

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