Friday, December 31, 2010

Much ado over lasers

If there's one thing I've learnt from watching the finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 between Malaysia and Indonesia, it is this.

Apparently, the humble laser pointer had caused so much of a distraction during the first leg of the finals between the two teams, that the referee had to stop the game in  the 54th minute. The spectators weren't too thrilled with this, and the game only resumed after about 6 minutes later. Check out the video below  for the lowdown on this pivotal moment.

I wouldn't be surprised if  the mass of spectators turned up with laser pointers for every game in the next World Cup. And I thought vuvuzelas were bad enough.

Looking up on Wikipedia produced a dozen more cases of laser pointer mischief. Here are some examples.

In January 2005, a New Jersey man named David Banach was arrested for pointing a green laser pointer at a small jet flying overhead.

Olympique Lyonnais was fined by UEFA because of a laser pointer beam aimed by a Lyon fan at Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a World Cup final qualifier match held in RiyadhSaudi Arabia between the home team and the South Korean team, South Korean goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae was hit in the eye with a green laser beam.

And I'm almost certain most of you would have had the irresistible pleasure of harassing your beloved pet like so with your nifty laser gadget.

And to top it off, there's even a group on Facebook called "Shooting People With Laser Pointers From Far Away".
Here's a post by the guy who created it.

Nothing can beat the pleasures derived from frivolity.

Even if it means going to the extent of wrecking a soccer match.
Even if it means annoying the hell out of your cat.
Even if it means irritating those around you with your hijinks. should probably not.

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