Sunday, August 30, 2015

ADM Animation Industry Screening 2015 + Office Tour

I managed to get some time to drop by the ADM Industry Screening earlier this month together with some of my batch mates. It's already been a year since my batch graduated and here we've come full circle witnessing the graduation works of the next group of filmmakers. Definitely brought about lots of nostalgia for me, remembering the whole lead up to when my batch had to prepare for our screening. All the excitement and anxiety! Good days.

Email invite for the screening!
This time around, instead of being held in school, the screening was held at the Genexis Theatre at Fusionopolis. I had never been to that place before so this was a pretty good opportunity to record some videos! Also, one of my batchmates was actually working in that same building! Uber convenient! I, on the other hand, had to get through the 6pm crowd on the train in order to get there on time.

Programme Booklet for the screening
Here's two of my batchmates
giving their biggest smile for the camera! :)
Animators taking centrestage at the end of the screening!
It was really great to see this batch trying out new things in their works and taking risks. Hope they continue to make and innnovate well into the future! 

After the screening was over, one of my batchmate who worked in that building offered to give a little tour of his workplace and office upstairs so that was a little extra treat at the end. My camera recording above doesn't do justice, but the view from the open roof on Fusionopolis was pretty awesome! 

Fusionopolis Visitor Pass
Also, nothing says "Office Tour" unless you have a Visitor Pass of some sort, so there you go!

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