Monday, May 18, 2015

Performance Documentation (Curio Cabinet of Self)

The following are photographs and videos I voluntarily took to document "Curio Cabinet of Self", which was a performance held at NTU ADM as part of a final year project by Diana Toh, a graduating student from the Interactive Media major.

The artist continued to hold the performance over the course of the whole week until the end of the ADM Grad Show (from 7th May - 17th May).  Seeing a performance piece as a final year project was something that was very rare (atleast from what I had known so far at ADM), and that just made it all the more compelling to be there to witness the performance go underway first-hand. Due to the nature of the performance, having perfomance props breaking in two or having paint splatter flying towards to unsuspecting audience while the artist struck the canvas with all kinds of objects was all part of the experience.

The artist invited onlookers to tag the canvases on the wall, and I obliged by spraying her name.

One of the audience members having a moment with the artist's wall which is part of the installation encapsulating the performance space.

The artist taking a breather post-perfomance outside at the cafe at NTU ADM.
The artist in action during the performance which lasted for about 30mins.

Screencapture of the livestream feed pre-performance from the webcams installed in the artist's space.

I was lucky enough to follow the artist outside after one of her performances with my camera and record her conversation with a pair of audience members ala a casual Q and A (hence the video above). More documentation and details of her performance can be accessed here.

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