Sunday, June 08, 2014

"Indie Game: The Movie" Public Movie Screening at National Design Centre

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While browsing through Facebook, I caught wind of there being a public screening of "Indie Game: The Movie" at the National Design Centre. Since it was on a weekend and I was free, I decided to go check it out and to also check out the National Design Centre as well, as I didn't even know about the place until then!

Grabbed via
Grabbed via
Spotted a swallowtail hanging out on a wall outside the entrance at National Design Centre
People coming in to watch the screening.
Large banners hanging from the ceiling!
Screening in progress! (and that's Phil Fish, creator of Fez, on screen)
Free flow of popcorn, courtesy of the Cornery!
Even though I had already watched "Indie Game: The Movie" on my Steam account about a year ago, watching it again still proved to be just as entertaining and engaging. The documentary follows Team Meat (Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, creators of "Super Meat Boy"), Phil Fish (creator of "FEZ") and Jonathan Blow (creator of "Braid") on their indie-game journey. "Indie Game: The Movie" is definitely worth watching if you ever wanted to get a feel of the kind of pressure, pain and sacrifices that independent game developers go through in order to keep doing what they do. On hindsight, what they go through could very well apply to creatives working in almost any field as well. Speaking of which, wouldn't it be a swell idea if there was a documentary done on the local indie game scene here in Singapore? I'm pretty sure there must be some groups out here who are pretty active in developing games either for consoles or for mobile platforms. 

"Indie Game: The Movie" is available on Steam and also on the following website: 

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