Saturday, June 07, 2014

Goodbye Snow Leopard, Hello OS X Mavericks!

I finally decided to take the dive and upgrade my Macbook OS from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. Yes, you heard that right. Snow Leopard. While OS X Yosemite is already available as a beta and a stable version will be released soon enough later in the year, I just couldn't see myself waiting till then. Also, Mavericks has already been updated to 10.9.3 which should have fixed most of the bugs and problems early adopters of the OS had faced initially. 

One small little snag was the prompt for credit card details when I tried to download Mavericks from the App Store using an Apple ID I had created a while back. A quick Google and I found many other users had also faced the same problem where the "none" option under payment type was missing and they were forced to input credit card details when validating their Apple ID. Luckily, a quick search through the Apple forums brought up a straight-forward solution: Create a new Apple ID through iTunes and the "none" option would be available. 

Screenshot from the Apple Forums
After that was settled, the install file took an hour to fully download through the App Store. I was more interested in making a clean install of Mavericks on my laptop to clear all the cruft that might have gathered up under the hood. I spent some time trying to make a bootable usb copy of Mavericks but for some reason, the Macbook would shut off by itself when attempting to boot from it. I then just decided to go with the easier method of just clicking "upgrade" and letting the installer do it's thing. I went to get some shut eye and woke up about 2 hours later to Mavericks already installed on my machine. The system was already running an indexing process in the background and that took about an hour to fully finish. 

The bootable usb install attempt which didn't go through.

Preparing to install.

Still Installing.

Had to update CCleaner to a newer version before it was able to work again under the new OS. Other installed apps are still working like they should. Just installing more updates as and when they're detected.

Running "Software Update" and installing updates via the App Store
So far so good.
Hopefully it stays that way!

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