Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trivial Thursday

Doomsday scare was a bust.
We're all still here.
I have sworn off of eating anything with cheese.
Somehow I end up falling sick the next day after I eat one.
I want to try out making pan fried fish.
Crumbly goodness is something I can't resist.
I have 4 clocks in my room.
I don't know why I have so many clocks.
Waiting until Feb for the rest of The Walking Dead is just painful.
But it'll be worth it.
Uninstalling Bluestacks completely seems impossible.
Played through Battle City on the NES a few days ago.
I only got till Stage 6.
My mum had already completed all 35 levels long ago.
She also finished playing Bomberman on the NES too.
Mum just remembered she hasn't played Angry Birds on my tablet in a long time.
Oh no...
Game library on Steam has finally expanded.
More games to try out.
Played Black Mesa.
Brought back so many memories of the original game.
It also reminded me why I resorted to noclipping my way out of areas back then.
I now have a phobia of giant snails, thanks to Legend of Grimrock.
I will never play Slenderman.
Same thing goes for Amnesia.
No way.

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