Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Screenings and stuff

Since it's now officially more or less into the short break before next semester starts, I'm finally free for the time being. I dropped by a "First Take" screening a few weeks ago last month at the Substation to check out the films being screened there, and also because some of them were films made by NTU alumni from Digital Filmmaking. A good screen, HD projector, comfy seats and a good crowd.

The view.
The host for the evening.
Q and A session with the filmmakers after the screening.
I also went for yet another film screening yesterday held at NTU ADM Auditorium, which showcased short films made by those in Year 2 taking Digital Filmmaking. There were a total of 20 plus short films screened,  covering genres like musicals, abstract narratives, thriller and horror. It was an interesting mix, and it was great seeing new ways of telling stories via film.

Martin and Annette kicking things off.
The mandatory group shot of all the filmmakers at the end.
Pizzas and what-have-you-tasty-treats after the screening.
More food and mingling.
To wrap things up, I went for another round of screenings back at NTU ADM Auditorium again today, but this time it was for Siggraph Asia 2012 which basically showcases a collection of best short animation films submitted to the Siggraph festival from around the world. 

A little flyer given to all attendees.
Back of the flyer.
A total of 31 films were screened, and my immediate favourites that come to mind right away are "Mimic", "The People Who Never Stop", "How To Eat Your Apple", "Reflexion", "Sequoia Snail" (and all those Sequoia commercial variants shown during the screening), and "Oh Sheep!". Here's some snippets of them below.

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