Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lightning McQueen is back!

"Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed. One winner, forty-two losers. I eat losers for breakfast. Breakfast? Maybe I should have had breakfast? Brekkie could be good for me. No, no, no, focus. Speed. Faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am Lightning." - Lightning McQueen

I still love hearing that bit every single time as Lightning McQueen prepares to race during the opening moments in Pixar's 2006 animation flick, "Cars". Let's not forget the colourful characters, exciting races, and also the many, many cars! It's notable that "Cars" proved to be a surprise genre choice for Pixar, which made a name for itself with the Toy Story series, and gems like "Finding Nemo", "Wall-E" and "Up", just to name a few. And I couldn't be more excited to learn that "Cars 2" will be coming to the big screens here soon enough! Check out the trailer below!

Returning characters. A whole bunch of new characters. Beautiful (animated) locations. Bondianesque espionage vibe. That last bit was a real surprise. While the first movie merely showed us these anthropomorphic cars in all their racing glory, this sequel seems to fully embrace the idea of a world inhabited by these talking cars with their own agendas. That itself is a big plus point, and something that I can't wait to discover for myself on the big screen.

All these cars have uber cool names. Lightning McQueen, Sally Carrera, Strip "The King" Weathers, Chic Hicks, and the list goes on. Like their spies with their own unique names or something. (hmm maybe that explains the James Bondisque vibe for the sequel!?).

If I had a Spy name, it would have to be Kashen Coen.  "Kashen" comes from "Kash" which is part of my real name. Also, it's my steam id, hence the convenience! "Coen" comes from the Coen brothers (yep, the movie directors), because I just want to have a famous last name (and that's about the only one I can come up with right now) :)

Catch Cars 2 movie starting from 25th August 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!

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