Sunday, March 05, 2006

Time Flies...and I didn't take heed...

***Welcome to Prakash's Sytem Databse.***
Please enter your username and password to proceed.

***Confirming User ID and password...
**User ID and Password Confirmed.

***Logging in...
***Attempting to reconnect...
***Connection established.
***Logging in..
**Log in successful.
***Beginning transmission...

I know this sounds very, very cliched, but it feels as though only yesterday that the long 3 months break had started...and now school's gonna start tomorrow! I don't know about you people, but I feel as though I have lost my touch with school and anything related to it. Quite frankly, this feeling felt good for awhile. I mean, you don't want to keep thinking about school during the whole 3 months now do you? Sure the 3 months were all fine and dandy...

I managed to get into the gaming zone for once, and used my computer like some madman. The first few weeks went like this, and after abt 4 weeks of non-stop gaming, I fell ill. Yea, kinda deserved it too. Of course, during my short ill-period, I was able to appreciate the finer things in life. By that, I don't mean spending time talking to trees and stuff like that. No. That'd drive me nuts more than it would drive the trees, so just spare them for now. I just wanted to spend some alone-time with myself. I don't know why but I just did. You know, where you would just sit down and end up staring into space and beyond, who knows? I always used to do that in school, not that anyone noticed. Ah well, but I was mostly seeking solitude if that's what you wanna call it. This was best acheived by going through a few days without using the television, the computer, the phone...

Aww who am I kidding here? The solitude stuff worked wonders and iI recovered fast. Thank gdness...but the downside was that I went back to my daily routine of bustng my brain cells for some mindless hours at the computer. Then I decided to go back to blogging again, and since been trying to keep up the pace here. Hence, I didn't blog too much everyday, I mean c'mon ! Who would wanna read the same stuff in posts over and over again?!

In short my 3 months were blown to bits by my immense laziness, ultimate disregard to authority (namely my parents), and boredom. Before I knew it, the results are all out, and now I've to go to school again...


I have no idea why such things keep happening, but just when school mis about to start, I find alot of things to occupy myself with again. I so wanna listen to my new "American Rock Legends" CD which I had gotten a few weeks back. I so wanna play all of my games again ( don't ask just is). I so wanna read the books I borrowed from the library.

Argh! Sometimes I just wish time would slow down or go back in reverse. Sometimes, I just wish I wasn't such a nut to waste my time every now and then.


***Reality check: School starts tomorrow.
Uniforms not ironed yet.
User has no idea about what will go down tomorrow.
User must report at 7 am to designated location.

***Actions to take:Force User to sleep early by shutting down
automatically when database or CPU is accessed late at
System will go into

***Precautions to take: If User fails to co-operate, alert the superior
intelligence (parents).

***Receiving message:( NOOOOO!!!! 5.30 am? ARE YOU CRAZY

***Processing failed.

***Failure to comply will result in complete termination of one's freedom,
thereby inducing a complete system shutdown afterwhich access to
one's database will strictly be compromised.

***Receiving message:( WTH? Alright, who wrote this?
What's going on?! )

***Logging off...

***Receiving message:( Hey did you even hear what I said?
Stop or else I will hav...)

***Log-off successful
***(auto-message)Have a nice day! :)***
***Transmission closed.***


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