Saturday, July 23, 2005

Speech Day : Glam Galore

Well, i was quite busy today itself. In case you didn't know, my school had it's 129th Speech Day today. It's a sort of a prize giving ceremony for those top students as well as an event for Victorians all rolled into one. I rushed off to school and made it by 1.30pm at my class. All Sec 4's were supposed to report by 1.45pm at their classes. Of course, my classmates were not there as usual and came about 10 minutes later.

I made a big mistake of not bringing my camera for the event. I could atleast have some pics to put in my blog. Ah well...i'll have to rely on my school's photo album online and get some pics ( hahas..that'd be nice though..). Well, back to the Speech Day event.

The event only started about 3.00pm. So until then, I along with the rest of the sec 4 level ( together with the 12 representatives from each of the other classes) were stuck in the hall. For an hour. But luckily, the Guest of Honour ( GOH ) arrived and the event finally went underway.

Man, there was a whole lot of excitement downstairs at the entrance where the GOH arrrived. The NPCC did a whole march past thing, somewhat similar to what they do in the National Day Parade. But I felt it was kinda long drawn out, as it took a wee bit too long. there were the cultural showcases to look forward to after the whole awards presentation...But i seriously thought the event could have been organised better. Did i mention the craze-fest that occured after the whole thing? ( everyone was rushing to grab one of those yummi-burgers being given out...giess we were all quite hungry to eat! ) I recall my friend commenting that the burgers tasted like "rubber shoes". I got kinda worried about his eating habits then...i mean isn't he implying the fact that he eats/ate/does eat/frequents "rubber shoes". Hmm...

Well, i got home at about 6pm. Missed watching some movie on TV. Forgot to blog this stuff then and there. Got damn tired.

Note: Don't get me wrong if this post sounds more like an essay to you, dear reader. It's because thats how life is. It's like an over-written essay that keeps begging for more, never-ending in it's demands and fervent in draining one of his/her energy.

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