Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Treasures of the World from the British Museum (in Singapore!)

I had the chance to visit an exhibition at the National Museum called "Treasures of the World from The British Museum" a few months ago and it was pretty cool! There were lots of interesting artefacts and relics on display from around the world, from small trinkets which fit in the palm of your hand to really large human sized sculptures and even larger framed paintings. I took a bunch of photos on my phone and I now finally have the time to put them all up here. The exhibition runs until 29 May, and it is definitely worth checking out if you have an afternoon to spare.

One of the walls at the exhibit has this handy location map up on display, so ideally you start moving through the exhibition by starting at the entrance to the "Africa" area and moving from left to right and finally ending at "The Modern World" section.

The sponsors and supporters who helped to make this happen :)

The main area of the exhibition with all the various entrances leading to the different zones for you to explore!



Really dig these patterns and details! Even though these were made back in the old days, the level of craftsmanship involved is just mind-boggling!







Ah yes, this was in January, and I've finally had some time to post all of this up only now after holding these photos hostage on my phone for so long. This release feels good :) 

Speaking of release, I've taken up vlogging (sorta) with my phone on YouTube so there's that. Somehow this act of recording stuff I see and hear feels like a form of therapy in some way. While I may not have the time to get my thoughts down on paper or in this virtual space with a keyboard, I can always count on taking a video with my phone since it's practically on me 24/7 these days. That way, I can get these captured moments out before perhaps revisiting them later on to reflect in a blog. Or with a Tweet.