Sunday, August 17, 2014

Grad Shoot Hijinks

I met up with the rest of the group to scour Marina Bay for some good spots to take photos. On hindsight, it was just a good excuse to flaunt the whole "I just graduated!" schtick to anybody and everybody passing by. I never really went to Marina Bay at all so this was a good chance to just explore together with the rest of the classmates. While they got up to their usual bouts of mischief, I coudln't resist capturing it all on video.

I was planning to edit them together nicely, but since I currently don't have the kind of time to do that, I just went with stringing them together in the order I shot them on my smartphone. This is pretty much unedited footage, and I think I kind of like it that way even more. I guess it just feels more..."authentic"?

Took some photos sporadically along the way. 
Here's a bunch of 'em.

Ah yes, these two guys were pretty much enthusiastic to get straight to getting their photos taken. 

Some soccer players were in town that day for a match against Singapore later in the evening. This apparently was their coach bus, which was already surrounded by fans along the yellow barricades.

Hadi sir checking his camera.

The rest of the group trying to decide what to do and where to go.

Much deciding and walking about while fully clad in the gowns.

Fabian must have noticed something meme-worthy while Hadi tries to get a good shot.

"Okay, so what do we do now guys?"

Doesn't matter if it's been done a million times before. This is just one of those "you need to do" poses in front of the Marina Bay Sands building. This would make more sense if you were looking at it from Hadi's perpective at the bottom left (the group would seem like they're holding up the gigantic boat smacked ontop of the Marina Bay Sands building).

Fabian taking a break and looking at the others.

Fabian's still looking...? Must be one of those "in deep thought" moments.

Passed by this area called "Movies By The Bay". They apparently have movie screenings every month. That week, they were screening "Ilo Ilo" and "Ah Boys to Men 2".

We went inside The Shoppes at Marina Bay. Crowds everywhere, and then there's this ice skating rink in the middle on the lower level.

We went to the roof to get some fresh air, scenic views and a much needed break after all that walking about. 

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