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Insidious: Chapter 2 review (Churpremiere)

I had been meaning to get this posted for a while, so here goes...

Insidious: Chapter 2 #churpremiere @ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Big thanks to ChurpChurp SG for the tickets!

Registration ChurpChurp SG booth at Cathay Cineleisure

Thank you ChurpChurp SG for the ticket!
Check out the trailer!

Bunch of trailers shown before the movie:

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
- Man vs Man-eating food monsters/wildlife.
- Lots of screaming at the end.
- Lots of in-you-face funny stuff which were supposed to be funny, but nobody was laughing...

Battle of the Year
-Is that Chris Brown?
- And that's...Josh Peck from "All That"?
- Why are they in this?
- ... and that guy from "Lost"?
- Why??

- It was my second time watching the trailer.
- I still don't see this being better.
- I still prefer the original silver suit.
- Alex Murphy getting blown up in a car explosion VS Alex Murphy getting mercilessly shot to pieces by a group of thugs.

Captain Philips
- In a nutshell, I'm guessing it's Tom Hanks vs sea pirates.
- The whole "based on a true story" tagline has already been so overused, that it just doesn't help in making an impact.

On to the show!

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I have to confess: I DID NOT watch Part 1.
Yes, I didn't.
Yes, I did see the reviews for the first movie.
Yes, I was already anticipating the worst when walking into the premiere screening of Insidious: Chapter 2.
By "the worst", I meant leaving the cinema after movie feeling like I just shat my pants and going home to sleep in a fetal position for the next few days.

Patrick Wilson (left) and Ty Simpkins in Sony Pictures’ INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2.
The first half of Insidious: Chapter 2 was actually pretty intense, and the pacing was just right. It was only when things started moving into the second half that it felt like the tension being meticulously built up from the start was let loose a little. Jump scares are aplenty in this movie, and the sudden loud sound effects when you least expect them are guaranteed to make you want sink into your chair and hide.

If there was anything I wished they didn't have in the movie, it was the "dynamic duo" of Specs and Tucker. Whenever the film shifted focus on them and their bumbling antics, it almost felt as if the film was losing it's footing. If you ask me, the movie would have been much better had they avoided force feeding comedic elements into the story. There was a scene where these two guys are outside the house keeping watch, and when things go horribly wrong, they rush in and a big scuffle ensues. It's a tense scene, but yet we see these two stumble so badly (one accidentally injects himself, the other gets knocked out in an incredibly comedic fashion) that in my screening, the whole audience were howling with laughter.

There's a bunch of memorable scenes in this film. My immediate favourites?

- The scene where Renai comes face to face with the Mother in the living room, and the Mother suddenly turns around shouting "Don't you dare!" before knocking her out cold.
- The scene where Carl and Josh confront each other in the house, where Josh tempts Carl to roll his dice to find out what he is hiding behind his back. The way this whole scene played out was absolutely perfect, and that evil smirk on Josh's face was the cherry on top. (whoops*spoiler*whoops)
- Further along in the second half of the movie, where Josh is in a room surrounded by these individual covered in black cloth. Josh goes around to each one, pulling off the cloth, to try to find where the Mother is hiding.
- When Josh and Carl are in the Further, Carl says that he sees someone standing right in front of Josh talking to him but Josh doesn't see anyone. Josh asks Carl what that person is saying to him, and Carl starts saying "He's got your baby, he's got your baby, he's got your baby..." louder and louder and louder...until the camera suddenly reveals the invisible entity that was talking to Josh...

I can't say whether this is better than the original (since I haven't seen the original) but viewing this as a stand-alone supernatural horror flick, I'd say it was a decent one. It delievered the scares, and also managed to weave in a tight little story of a family trying their best to move on from what had happened. The whole idea of family is a very strong theme that runs through this film, and it is this conflict between family and the supernatural that is played out in Insidious: Chapter 2.

If you must know, the film does leave things wide open for a (possible) third movie. When dealing with something like the Further which plays a big role in the film, there is much left unsaid. Viewers are left to assume and play along as the characters tempt death while crossing over into (literally) uncharted territory. Perhaps this could open up a whole new dimension to the Insidious universe, although sometimes the more something is explained, the less mysterious it gets. Anyway, I guess we'll have to wait till 2015 to find out what territory this franchise expands into next.

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