Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cake, Redbull Part Deux, Holidays and Work

These have all been much delayed. But, I finally have some time to push these out here.
Less talking, more photos.

This was from a little mini celebration after a presentation talk on OSS, having some cake with my prof, Randall, and his wife.

I had the unexpected pleasure of also meeting ZXEROKOOL in the flesh! Since he's a ninja, no photos of him here. Got a hold of his very unique namecard/currency note. Legal tender.

The ones below are from when I was busy designing a cooler for Redbull as part of the Redbull Canvas Cooler project. Since my cooler was going to be placed at Attica, I went down there to take a look around and take some photos. Jerry from Redbull was kind enough to show me around and give some pointers on what kind of style and aesthetics I could incorporate into my designs.

I tried out using spray paints and stencils, which took a bit longer than expected due to some minor hiccups here and there since I was unfamiliar with the material. After some tests, I managed to complete it in time for the exhibition at the Reading Room. It was an interesting little experience, getting assigned a mentor, working with the client on coming out with a design and getting it all ironed out in the end. Quite a bit of work, but lots of fun to see the finished design alongside coolers designed by other artists. I also discovered the existence of a nice little shop called Overjoyed, which serves a plethora of art supplies and craft materials.

Right now, it's supposed to be vacation break from all things school, but not exactly. I still have things to work on which are school-related (coughFYPcough) and also, my internship.

Got another chance to help out at a shoot today, this time at Boon Lay interchange. Here's Glenn Ong from Class 95FM interviewing Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim (Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Transport).

And here's a little snippet of what happened at Toa Payoh Interchange last week:

Right, back to work.

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