Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Overdue photos.

Spotted in the basement at NTU ADM

Crashed the first lesson of  BS803 Science Or Fiction? - Biology in Popular Media. Snippets from the classic 1966 movie, "Fantastic Voyage" were being screened. Hilarious.

Dropped by "Animation Crossings" at Bugis+ Filmgarde on 24/01/13. Two stereoscopic 3D films and one film using the Unreal game engine. 

DepthQ 3D glasses. Lightweight and easy on the eyes.
From a lecture on Augmented Reality by visiting artist Tamiko Thiel. Couldn't get that Layar app working on my phone though. :(

Watching a news clip in Survey of New Media lecture class. Ideas of public sphere and the artist continue to evolve. Too much information to digest in one sitting.

War, unrest and violence. These should never be the answer to any kind of problems.
Bluestacks is great when you don't have a dataplan for your phone.  Uploading photos to Instagram, accidentally hit the "Back" button and viola!
Class field trip to Jurong Hill on Friday, 01/02/13.  Met up with Mr Randall who flew in from Washington to be with us.
Taking photos of buildings and these two just happened to pass by. Happy accident.
Arriving back to familiarity before rushing back to class in the afternoon that very day.
Back for critique lessons with all these awesome people.
Because crits are never enough.
Way overdue, but finally it's mine!

Work, work.

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