Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Dreddful Recess

Ah, recess week, we meet again.

It's break from school for a week, but unfortunately no break from assignments. There's still things to do, stuff to finish, the usual work. There is just no end to this gelatinous shape-shifting pile of monstrosity. No end.

Grabbed via impawards.com
Ticket stub
In other news, I managed to catch "Dredd" sometime last week. Skimped out on the 3D version of the movie, and went to catch the normal 2D one instead. "Dredd" was surprisingly a decent action flick. Too bad the villain got overpowered way too easily in the climax scene. The slo-mo scenes and the accompanying score for them beautified the ultraviolence, and the overall thumping soundtrack was great.

Then, there's the dialogue. This one takes the cake:

Cue audience laughter.

So yeah, it definitely wasn't completely "dreddful" (I just had to put that it in there.) I just can't say the same for this recess week. A blocked nose, and a backlog of work to be done. So exciting. So very, very exciting indeed.

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