Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When Man and Machine collide

People enjoy watching robots fighting. If the total domination of the summer box office by Michael Bay's robot fight fiesta Tranasformers 3: Dark of The Moon (along with it's predecessors parts 1 and 2) is any indication, yes, robots + fights = money making moolah.

Somone at Hollywood must have thought, "Ok, so now that Transformers has ended (sort of), what to do now to cash in on the whole robots-fighting-robots shtick?" And thus the following formula was conceived:

Robots + Boxers = Real Steel.

Yeah. Move over Rocky, looks like we've got a new contender in town- a robot boxer.

Here's a one line synopsis of the Hugh Jackman robot vehicle Real Steel:

"A boxing drama set in the near-future where 2,000-pound humanoid robots do battle."

Early reviews of the movie have been surprisingly positive, alleging that there's possibly more heart than metal bashing in the storyline. I'm a sucker for robots, and I'll gladly take that leap of faith once more with Real Steel. Also...Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman is in this!

If I had a robot, I'd rather have it be a handheld robot..which shoots portals, so that I can zip from one place to another without running late.  Ever. Again. 

Or of course to get the lunch from the kitchen if I'm that lazy.

See what I'm getting at? :)
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