Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dig The Vibe!

I had only recently joined SocialVibe as it seemed to be an easy and ideal way
through which to do what I can for society and feel good about it. With so many members and with a largely active userbase, I have nothing but praise for the SocialVibe team.

The use of a wide range of sponsors and causes to choose from, coupled together with a points system to continually motivate individuals to do whatever they can in their power to contribute just as much to their respective causes and charities, has become a novel approach which users have quickly embraced. As such, I am positive that SocialVibe will grow from strength to strength and become immensely popular over time.

The Pink Ball has grown into an icon for SocialVibe and has effectively become the digital yellow
wristband to show our support for causes which bear importance to us and our society.
Redeeming the highly popular Pink Ball becomes a mission of personal pride and showcasing it to
other users would bring about the satisfaction of having done something meaningful. In my opinion, this would serve as a strong encouraging factor for those who have not joined SocialVibe (SV) to take notice and for them to become a part of the SV family.

It would be interesting if one day, other increasingly popular peer networking sites like Friendster, Facebook or MySpace, should choose to follow in SocialVibe's footsteps. Perhaps more users would then realise that more can be done through such sites and that they indeed have the power to create change and give back to society easily without much trouble.

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