Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Podcast Help

Well, I've been thinking about blogging lately...considering the fact that I don't have anything else of importance to attend to right about now. An article on podcasting caught my eye last month, but i was too busy with my exams to bother myself with it. But now...


If only I knew how it worked...then It'll be soemthing new to add to my blog to spice it up a bit. Besides, I won't get bored doing it anyways :)

I could use some help on the tools neede to make a podcast. All the technical stuff has got me a little rattled...literally. So, if you readers have some knowledge on podacasting and making one, pls do feel free to share it with me. Just put it in the comments link for this post, ok?

Well, now I have to hunt for some background info on this podcatsing fad that has went round...hmm..fads...wonder how long they'll last..?

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Anonymous said...

Hi!!! It's me! Guess who... :)