Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Browser Fiesta!

With Apple, it was Safari. With Windows, it was Internet Explorer (IE).
Over the years, various browsers have been devoloped to provide the ever-eager user with the apparent ease of browsing the net faster without the hassles of...

slow speeds,
unnecessary updating (if possible),

The list goes on and on as we race to find that one elusive "ultimate browser" that meets all of iur expectations.

Netscape was another kind of browser which was put in place, and soon after more browsers like Mozilla and the latest Firefox have steepped up to the challenge to see which one is/was the best.

Now, just when things looked like they couldn't get any better, another browser in hot on the heels in the development process. Soon, instead of Firefox, we might be hearing another name...






Flock, which is currently available for download, might soon be hot among the favourites. Guess the competition is growing in strength.


In my opinion, it's just the case of pleasing the user. In a world where consumers have almost every right as the next guy, more and more advancements are being made...and to think that I wasn't even aware of this new browser until today.

Don't believe it?

Click here to go to the website and see for youself!

I'm just beginning to wonder whether users will be able to keep up with the varied changes over time....I would be stressful to waste time sitting in front of the monitor and deciding, " What browser should I use today??". Man, at this rate, it seems strangely similar to how one ponders on what car to use on a certain day, or like how one would spend time choosing the right make-up kits, or like how...

Well, you get the idea.
Bottom Line:
More browsers = more flexibility
more flexibility= no problems
more browsers is not equal to no problems, as the other human-induced-variables-which -change-with-time interfere.

Pointless isn't it? The more we try to better something, the more we end up sinking in it than smelling the sweet stench of freedom. Atleast I think so...

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