Monday, June 06, 2005


Well as you might have guessed, I've been quite bored during the holidays so far. Nothing much to do other than revising and doing homework. I don't know why, but I feel that I'm wasting away all these "free" days to do something useful. By that, I meant engaging n something enriching and enjoyable at the same time. Because of that, I was really looking forward to today's Literature seminars. This was my schedule for today:

7.45AM-Wake up
8.15AM-Leave for seminars
8.50AM-Reached destination
9.00AM-Start of First seminar at Regional Language Centre(RELC)

-------------------------------> 90 mins of free time <-----------------------------------------

During the break, I didn't have any time to eat anything. Seriously. The break time was only enough for me to reach the next place in time. This time, the next seminar was held at the Singapore Power Auditorium. My friend decided to tag along with the idea of walking the whole stretch from the first place to the second. "The buses wil be crowded one lah! Why, you also want to get crammed inside those sardine tin cans issit?", cracked the wiseguy. Well, I needed the exercise anyway. We walked.

------------------------------> End of Break <-------------------------------------------------

12.00PM- Next seminar starts..
1.15PM- Unofficially ended to entertain Q&A session
1.40PM-ENDED (finally..!)

Finally...finally? Remember I was looking forward to the seminars? Well, they didn't help much in terms of enjoyment. I mean COME ON, who wants to to stay put in a chair and listen to the ongoing speech for a total of 3hrs? But still, the seminars did enlighten me on a few relevant topics of interest, but sadly that was it. Nothing more. After getting home, I was dead beat after managing to survive travelling in a fully-packed MRT, and also VERY HUNGRY!! Man, all this talk about what happened in today's Lit-Rush is giving me a where did I put those after-blogging snackems?

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