Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Tsunami Affair

Good news: 1> My headache is gone.
2> My Holiday assignments are ready to hand in.
Bad news: 1> Forgot about my Tamil Project
and 3> The Tsunami Aftermath...

I was completely shell-shocked upon learning that over 5000 people have died at the hands of this sudden sweeping terror. Villages have been destroyed. People have died, some have been wounded while others can't believe that they survived this disaster at the price of losing those who they held dear.

I was really uneasy after watching the footage showing piles and piles of dead bodies being stacked in hospitals. Never have I seen such nightmarish scenes before in my life. One can only offer mere condolences and pity to the victims of this whole "Tsunami Affair". But who can give them back what they have lost? Some of these survivors lost their children, while others simply lost everything in the process. Homes, food, shelters, even their own families - all gone. It was certainly heartwrenching to see some victims cry their hearts out, over the now-dead bodies of their dear ones. Singapore was certainly lucky to have escaped this, as she was sheltered by bigger countries in the region-Malaysia, Indonesia and India are some examples.

Due to a massive earthquake in Indonesia, the shockwaves produced passed on their kinetic energy to the water currents in the sea. As such, these currents moved at high speeds towards the shore, sweeping any unsuspecting people away in a flash. Hence, this was why many fisherman, who slept in their boats which were very near the shore, fell victim to the Tsunami. In India's case, a second Tsunami is predicted to happen.

With all this said, it is definitely best to adopt having an early warning system to help the people escape. Still the destruction of homes, the dillemma many are in and the overall situation in the affected regions may worsen as many fera the second coming of the Tsunami. For the rest of us here, let us all help in whatever way we can. Be it by donations or by any other way.

"How does this benefit me without burning a hole in my pocket eh?", the occasional smart alec might ask. Reason 1> You get that warm fuzzy feeling inside of you after doing good.
Reason 2> You don't have to donate big amounts. Not that I'm asking you that you have to,but only if you can afford it.Of course, there are many reasons why one should lend a helping hand, be it helping other countries or otherwise.

Right now, I'm helping by airing my view on this, so that you the reader will atleast gainan insight on what's happening around the world (instead of sitting on my duff and playing on the computer all day long!!) Hopefully, this will be the last of the disasters that Mother Nature has instore for this year, and also I would like to give my condolences to the victims of the Tsunami devastation. May you all find peace and happiness in the New Year. God bless.Posted by Hello

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