Sunday, December 19, 2004

First Post...First Experience...

I always wanted to create my own personal (but not too private) website on something as vast as the internet. I always wanted to find a place to voice my views, air my opinions on matters that I like and dislike.

By the way I already have another blog up on the net ( where you, the reader, will find my own originally conceived poems and sketches. But in the case of this blog,

I want to make use of what I think a blog should be (or could be)----to present my daily life and routine by posting at random. As such, u may not not find this blog regularly updated. But this is only due to the lack of time I have to do this, no other excuses. Being the first post on this blog, I originally planned to make a short, yet reasonable post. But, this is just not my style and way of expressing my views.

Thus, thru this first post I lay before me my groundwork upon which, this blog will grow and, eventually blossom of fond and not-so-fond memories of my life. Well, let's see how far I go...

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