Monday, January 09, 2012

Lomo this, Lomo that

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Yesterday was the first time I'd set foot inside the newly opened Lomography store near Chinatown, to attend a Lomokino workshop. The store's definitely a haven for those who love analogue cameras and all things retro (and they're very much fashionable too!).  The cameras on display came in all sorts of sizes and bright colours. There was even a big wall decorated with photos taken with various analogue cameras.

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Did I mention that the staff here are super friendly?

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The workshop was pretty interesting. They had a local filmmaker, Michael Tay, come onboard to give a little talk about short films and what they're all about. He showed us one of his shorts, "Wet Season", a stop-motion film tribute to his father. After the usual Q and A, the staff took turns to introduce the Lomokino camera to all of us, and how it's possible to create short films with using a Lomokino and a few rolls of film. There were about 18 participants (myself included) in the workshop, and we all got split up into groups to go out and make a short film using only a Lomokino camera and we had to incorporate our hand-tattoo cartoons.

(There wasn't really a choice, everyone had to wear one of those. I'd forgot to wash it off long after the workshop was over and it took awhile to come off).

Here's what I got (some kind of a witch creature):

That whole thing was just spontaneous, and supposedly they'd actually develop and send us the movie we took via email! I wonder how that'll turn out like...   :)

Plus, since I took part in this, I could have the Lomokino for about a week to use before sending it back to them to have the film developed! 

If only these cameras and their film rolls weren't that expensive! (but maybe that's just me complaining again.)

To those interested, here's a link to their online store!

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