Friday, December 02, 2011


Last exam paper of the semester is over and done with. Stayed around with a handful of peeps in the "dungeon" and played through a few rounds of Tekken with the rest. It's been so terribly long since I last remembered mindlessly button mashing the controller and playing games.

The reappearance of the hot toasted sandwich vending machine was a neat surprise, ever since it grew legs and disappeared into exile for over a semester and a half. Got myself a bite since the only thing I had since morning was a cup of Milo. That was much needed :)

Headed off to Jurong Point with the gang to grab dinner at New York New York, spent an hour listening to and talking with the others about the awesomeness of Japan, and went around NTUC to see if there's any snacks to buy before finally calling it a day.

Hmm.. time to get re-acquaintainted with gaming once more.

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